Installation & Repair
We install and repair all type of cooling systems. if you don't see it below we still deal with it, just give us a call. 07860 212129 or email
small boat fridge and air conditioning repairs.jpg

Small Boat Fridge & Aircon

pre pack meat display.jpg

Prepack Meat Display

humidity and temperature control of artifacts.JPG

Humidity & Temp Control

household built in larder fridge repairs.jpg

Built in Larder & Fridge

convenience stores drinks fridge.jpg

Drinks Fridge

cellar cooling outdoor unit.jpg

Cellar Cooling Unit

butchers fresh meat display.jpg

Butchers Meat Display

refrigerated cabinet repairs.jpg

Refrigerated Cabinets

shop cabinet repairs.jpg

Shop Cabinets

marquee air conditioning.jpg

Marquee Air Con

flake ice for fishing boats.jpg

Flake Ice for Fishing Boats

farmshop coldstore and display.JPG

Farm Coldstores

Butcher shop coldstorage.JPG

Butcher Shop Soldstore