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Customer Feedback


Whirlpool Ameran Fridge / Freezer.
Attn Peter Prazsky,

I would just like to express my sincere thanks and congratulations to Peter for his expert knowledge and perseverance in successfully resolving the leaking problem of the ice maker on my 20 year old fridge / freezer.

would highly recommend him.



Dear Peter

I would like to thank you for your helpful advice over the phone today. We had a horrible smell in the kitchen and now I have cleaned out the drip tray at the back of the fridge freezer, it has gone!

Thank you very much, and Happy Christmas

Anne Jonas

Yvonne - L.A. Pre school

The milk in our fridge was warm on Monday morning.  Called Stay Cool on Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon the issue was resolved.  

And we were left with the gift of a modern, new, digital thermometer!  Thank you so much for your prompt, caring and friendly service!

Ray - Colchester

Yes Peter I was just talking to my Mrs saying how nice you was and a true old school hat off to ya and its all fine I've kept yr number and will pass it out to friends

Cheryl. Athelstan Rd

Just wanted to let you know that the fridge is working great now after it's 48 hour defrost. Thank you so much. I'd like to leave you a reviebut not sure how to do that on your website.


Great service from Prazsky's cooling services. Phoned at lunchtime and Peter was there by 4pm. Solved the problem immediately. Very reasonable also. Will definitely use again and recommend.

Georgina Hunter Gordon

Excellent service. Fast and friendly call out. Would highly recommend Peter for all your cooling problems.

Kings Arms, Broad Green

Excellent service. Fast and friendly call out. Would highly recommend Peter for all your cooling problems.

Steve Williams

Been suffering from a the portable air-conditioner unit we bought second-hand in France about 8 yrs ago, peeing on the carpet after the drain tube came adrift and disappeared up into the body of the unit. Must have rung over a dozen places - including the UK office of Olimpia Splendid (their spelling) in Manchester who are completely disinterested in handling repairs in Suffolk! - most of whom, despite being fairly local, wouldn't touch portable units!
Suddenly it's fixed quickly (in about 1/2 hour as he was just finishing another job in Long Melford), efficiently (albeit with the loan of a crochet needle!), and economically, so many thanks to:
Prazsky's Cooling Services